Saturday, January 09, 2010

Two and a half Volcanoes and more

What a clear morning Thursday the sixth was! Bernie was out before sunrise for a walk and came back to tell me that not only was Mount Rainier visible as the sky got bright, but a smaller cone beside it. It didn't take long to get into my gear and pump the rainwater out of my Eliza. There was the mountain that we can only see on really clear mornings or evenings, next to the end of the jagged line of the Olympics across the strait. And there was a smaller cone beside it, like a shoulder of the mountain. Neat!
Soon I was out by Evans Rock, where Mount Baker is visible, and looking back and forth from one volcano to the other. There was a bonus, too -- the whole line of the Cascades was visible too, in the gap between Ten Mile Point and the Chathams. What a jagged line of mountaintops that was, and one that's usually lost in the misty distance.
The good viewing made for an interesting morning's paddle, even as the breeze came up and I turned around. Bernie was walking along the shore, looking for me, as I came back to the beach.

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