Tuesday, January 05, 2010

For the Trekkie Who Has Everything and Can Hold His Breath A Long Time....

One thing that escaped my notice over the holidays (but not the notice of David Johnston's Paddling Instructor blog or TrekToday) are these Star Trek-styled wet suits for the Trekkie who has everything and can hold his breath a really long time. These are the real McCoy (pardon the pun), actual working custom made wet suits available in 3mm, 5mm or 7mm thicknesses, and also available in the gold command colour, blue science colour, or the red engineering colour. They're made by JMJ Wetsuits and available to order at roddenberry.com. No word on whether water-proof pointed-ears are available.
If the Trekkie on your shopping list can't hold his breath for long, how about these scuba tank covers? Turn your tank into the secondary hull of your favourite starship! Also available at roddenberry.com.
This got me to wondering if there were any Star Trek connections to kayaking. Memory Alpha supplied the answer. It turns out that Miles O'Brien, Chief of Operations at Deep Space Nine, liked to relax by whitewater kayaking in Quark's holosuites. He dislocated his shoulder a number of times and Quark eventually told him that the kayaking program had "gone missing" to prevent further injuries. I guess no more paddling where no one has paddled before for him.

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  1. Good research! I love when people make connections like that and hey, thanks so much for the site plug!

    Love for a while and don't go poor! (Or something to that effect.) :)

    David J.