Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Two Volcano Day

Here in Victoria we live within sight of not one, but two volcanoes. Well, on a clear day, that is.
Paddling out from Cadboro Bay gives great viewing opportunitites. There was a bright winter afternoon, and the cone of Mount Rainier popped up out of the mists that usually hide it on the far side of Puget Sound. Ya kind of had to know where to look, and what you were seeing, but it was there.
I took the little inflatable kayak out just past Flower Island, just shy of Evans Rock, and there was Mount Baker, no longer obscured by the big bulk of the peninsula that ends in Cadboro Point's tiny light. Fabulous -- a two volcano day!
But it was time to turn around, for in that cold breeze we've been having it isn't wise when I'm paddling alone to take short inflatable rec boats out any further than I'd be willing to swim. Turned out to be good timing anyway, because in Sheep Cove the stream was filling its little basin and washing in & out as the high tide made the basin's opening a reversing falls. I drifted in on the wave and out on the ebb, looking up the tumbling stream past the first bridge to the red Japanese bridge above.
Then on to do figure eights around the little rock garden, and my timing was still good! The otter family was fishing over by the Buddha, flicking eight long, wet tails.
Back to shore with a great feeling of satisfaction, and my feet weren't even cold when Marlene and Glenda Lee pulled into my driveway as I was walking up with the kayak. I changed into fuzzy warm-up clothes in about three minutes. Off for hot chocolate and hummus at Olive Olio's!

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