Monday, December 21, 2009

Sea Lion Rescue

A stellar sea lion got an early Christmas present last week as it was rescued after being entangled in a rope at Race Rocks south of Victoria.
The seal's flipper was somehow entangled in the rope which was anchored to the rocks. The seal was able to get in the water, but could only swim in a very small area and was unable to feed. Martin Haulena, a veterinarian with the Vancouver Aquarium said, “The really great part here for us — not for the animal, obviously — was the animal was tethered to the rock. We thought it was one of the best chances we’ve had in a long time for disentangling a large Steller sea lion.” The sea lion had to be tranquilized, and obviously the great danger in tranquilizing an animal in the matter in that they will stop swimming and drown, but in this case the sea lion was able to keep its head above water while the rope was cut free from its flipper. The sea lion swam away, a little dopey from the drugs, but with an excellent chance to recover.
The Department of Fisheries shot some video of the sea lion struggling before the rescue:

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