Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Being Green

Kermit sang that it's not easy being green, but it was sure easy for Cadboro Bay to turn green in less than a week!
A week ago there was cloudy water along the shoreline, and clear in the centre of the bay. Now, there's an algae bloom so intense that the water along the shoreline is emerald green, like pureed garden peas! Two days ago, I was paddling past the Buddha and through the little rock garden and around me the water was so cloudy and green that there's no fishwatching possible at present. And now, walking down the hill on Sinclair Road, I looked out on the bay that usually shines so blue and grey, reflecting the sky and clouds.
It's green. The whole bay looks greenish, not blue or even grey.
Let's hope this isn't the sign of a bad algae bloom to come, like the red tide that hit Brentwood Bay two summers ago. That one was like kayaking in puddles of vomit...

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