Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kayaks for Review!

Two kayaks have just arrived for review, and I'm so excited to be trying them out. Advanced Elements makes the best inflatable kayaks I've seen. You can see them at and decide for yourself. Try them out at Paddlefest in Ladysmith this May or Victoria this June and see what you think. They've got three different lines of products, and with these two samples I've got one from each line.
The Dragonfly that can be seen in several photos on the Kayakyak site is one of their most popular boats. With a few changes, the new model is called the Lagoon. It's a bit like an inflatable dinghy in a rec kayak-shaped bag, 8'4" long, very manoeuvrable and easy to handle.
The AdvancedFrame line is different. This is more like a folding kayak with inflation chambers instead of wood or metal rods. Our friend Dennis paddles the 10.5 foot version. I've just received the 13 foot Expedition version, and am itching to see how it handles for various sizes of paddler. Our group has one of just about every size of person, so we'll each take a turn.
The second kayak that arrived for review is the StraitEdge2, a sit-on-top that adjusts for one or two paddlers. This is the first sit-on-top in our paddle group's fleet, and it rides very differently from what we're used to handling. If sitting in my Eliza feels like wearing a well-fitted hiking boot, the first outing in this felt like borrowing my husband's shoes. Notes are being made!
There will be photos as well. Stay tuned!


  1. I'm really interested in your impressions of the Expedition and the StraitEdge 2. The EXP took a little getting used to, but now it is my favourite, once I got the weight distributions figured out for best tracking performance. It is faster than my AF 1, but neither is any more fun or more gratifying to paddle than my 'Fly XC!

  2. Hello,

    I just acquired the AE Advanced Frame and have tested it once at Thetis lake and loved it.

    I want to explore the coast line of the city, do you think I need to take an extra precuations in the inflatable?


    PS. I just discovered your blog and love the photos, thank you!