Sunday, February 01, 2009

Baby Seal Born at Race Rocks

A baby elephant seal was born a few days ago at the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve near Victoria. It has been dubbed Ninene by workers at the reserve and is believed to be the first elephant seal born there. It may even be the most northerly birth of an elephant seal ever recorded. According to the Victoria Times-Colonist:
“This area has long been a place where elephant seals come but we’ve never seen anything like this,” said Garry Fletcher, a volunteer warden who also manages “The babies are usually born in Baja, California, not this far north.”
This isn't the first elephant seal to make the news in these parts recently. In early January, a young elephant seal settled in a roadside ditch to moult in an upscale Oak Bay neighbourhood, and in November the body of an enormous elephant seal washed ashore near Nanaimo. It weighed 2700 kilograms and was over four metres long, and this particular species had never been seen in the Georgia Strait basin before.

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