Monday, July 07, 2008

Yak Grips

I fully admit that I have a tendancy to favour the stronger side of my body when I paddle. This results in my getting soaked on one side of my skirt and the gradual migration of my paddle so that it is longer on one side than the other.
During a gear search, I discovered Yak Grips and thought these would be perfect to fix my paddling problem.
So John ordered them for me at a cost of $20.00 and we tugged them onto my paddles.
I haven't been able to test them until this weekend's Witty's Lagoon paddle and I had a great paddle.
I only got my skirt wet from having to adjust the paddle drips and that was minor. The Yak Grips kept me aware of where my hands were and whenever I wanted to migrate to one side, I was able to quickly correct this.
I was even able to paddle without gloves, a nice addition now that it is summer and neoprene gloves can be rather hot to wear.
Well worth the $20.00

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