Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canada Day

Well, during the last while I've been going out on my own, once with Heather and once with Bernie, since John's eye surgery is healing and Alison's been out of town. The time with Heather went well, as we found some places worth coming back with a fishing line. Gotta get a fishing licence too... The time with Bernie was interesting, as he harvested some bullwhip kelp and that afternoon turned it into sealed jars of pickles and relish. Far out!
Today was Canada Day, and a steady flow of people went by the Beach House all day, as people were bound and determined to Have A Nice Day. The weather co-operated, as it was merely hot instead of insanely hot. And about 3pm, Richard and I met at Cadboro Bay to see if the wind forecast was coming true.
It wasn't, not really. Some 50 metres offshore, there was very little wind. From half that distance offshore there was lots, but that was pretty much it. There were some nice low swells coming in from the south-east. Rich tried to talk me into going to the Chains to see why Great Chain had two big green smudges on it (grass?) but unlike him, I'd actually looked at the current chart book. We went over to Mary Tod Island, walked about for a while and I collected some rocks for my mother's cactus gardens. Then back, surfing on the swells and a couple of wakes from passing powerboats.
When an ordinary, short outing can be so warm and have just enough swells not to be calm, well, we live in paradise.

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