Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weather or Not

It's been Crazy Weather Week.
This part of the world is suffering through its coolest spring in 40 years. We actually got some snow the last couple of days here in Victoria. Just a sprinkling, though, nothing compared to the 24cm of snow the mid-Island got on Friday, shattering all sorts of late spring snowfall records.
The outlook for today was not promising. Snow was not in the forecast, although winds and rain were, and it was going to be cool. So -- and there's no nice way to say it -- so we wimped out. It turned out to be a pretty nice day: cool, but sunny, and the wind never turned up. It would have been a good day on the water. Oh, well.
But at least we didn't have to worry about any hitchhikers, unlike this guy:

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