Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good current

Saturday April 12, Richard and I went out from Cadboro Bay around Ten Mile Point. We missed slack or it never went slack, so we went against a slight outbound tide at Cadboro Point, then there was current with swells at Ten Mile Point. There were about two dozen little yachts going out when we did, passing between Flower Island and Jemmy Jones Island.
We watched the yachts playing at the edge of Haro Strait. A good moment riding the swells at the bouncy place off the point!
Then back, with the current but still not fast enough... getting a wish for speed and current. Must be careful with that.
Going around Jemmy Jones Island, we saw an eagle taking off from behind a rock just above the water. Tried to investigate, but couldn't see what it had been doing down there. Was it tearing at something dead? Maybe, because another bird was there, and this one looked like a turkey vulture. Hard to be sure. As it dipped behind the rock, an otter climbed up the rock behind and got lost. Something's happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear... isn't Nature wonderful?
Saw oystercatchers, too, which was good as it wasn't nesting time yet.
All in all, a good chance to paddle against and with a gentle current, and to paddle into the wind for a better workout and good training.

Richard's Blog report is here.
Richard's pictures are here.

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