Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oh. Deer.

It's a long weekend, so why not a long paddle? We decided to put in at Albert Head Park, and paddle around to Witty's Lagoon. It was a very low tide, so we knew we had no chance of getting into the lagoon itself, but it's always an enjoyable paddle to get there.

We headed out. It was Louise, Paula, Bernie and myself today.

As we rounded Albert Head, Bernie ventured a little further out....

...and then I glanced over and saw him against the mountains. Then I saw the valley and tried to get a shot of him at the base of the valley. I started yelling at him to stay still!
On the Waves
Bernie and the Mountains

It's not easy to coordinate two kayaks on a rolling ocean, but eventually I got the picture.
The Olympic Mountains from Victoria

As we neared Witty's Lagoon, this heron decided to pose for me.

We put ashore for a quick stretch...
Landing at Witty's Lagoon

...and this little guy ran by.
Oyster Catcher

For the return trip, we had a surf launch. Okay, not much of a surf, about three inches or so, but it still counts as a surf launch. Louise headed through some rocky islets near the lagoon.

Here, a heron was doing a little fishing.

We drifted between the rocks....

...and by a seal.

There were some pretty cool-looking jellyfish out. We don't usually see purple ones like this.

Then I spotted a strange looking rock on the shore.
Nap Time

Only it wasn't a rock, it was a deer sleeping on the beach.
I'm Awake

He didn't seem too worried about me. I guess he figured that I wasn't going to suddenly crawl out of the ocean.
And a few minutes later, we saw another deer up on the rocks.

Another great paddle in the greatest place on earth!

John's photos are here.

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