Sunday, June 03, 2007

Red Tide in The Morning...

Since there's never enough pictures of me, I pointed my camera at me today. What a great action shot, eh?

I was joined by Louise, Tracy and Paula for a little paddle from Brentwood Bay into Saanich Inlet.

We were also joined by an algae bloom.

We thought it was red tide, but it turns out that it wasn't. Just a regular algae bloom. But it sure stank. As Louise said, it was like paddling through vomit.
Brentwood Bay on a Bad Day...

But we paddled on, and in many places the water was clear and blue....

...while other places had a distinct pink tone to them.

We headed down the Inlet and put ashore for a stretch at McKenzie Bight.
A stretch, a drink and a nibble and soon it's time to head back!

My pictures are here.

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