Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Update on the last week

Yeah, I was out again today, but it took an hour to get out of the bay against the wind and tide. Brutal, but a great cardio-vascular workout.
So Last Sunday, this is the route I took around Discovery, with the stopover at the cammpground. There were seals everywhere--two dozen feeding at the south of Chatham, eight in one group in the passage between Chatham and Discovery, and three more off the campground. Not to mention the one's I'm sure were there but I didn't see. This trip was about 15km in length, and took about three hours.

Wednesday was raining pretty good. I called John from the southern tip of Discovery and then went back up through the central passage. There's a seal haul out at the south end of the passage between Discovery and Chatham, and some fairly shallow rocks the current just whistles over. Cool paddling--although I recommend less rain. You can see where I found the passage through to where John flipped last year. Total trip length: ~13km and three hours.
This is the Saturday paddle with Paula. Same route out and back, totaling about 13km and three hours, plus a half-hour layover at the campground. Dozens of seals in the water on the way over, but most of them were on the haul-out rocks on the way back. Well, it was sunny and they were enjoying it...

Today was a trip out to close to halfway between Chatham and Great Chain islet. I stayed out in the passage rather than head towards either land mass. the paddling took real work getting out, but I had some great surfing moments coming back. But I only saw one seal and no eagles :-( Sun kept threatening to come out though....

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