Thursday, February 22, 2007

Paula's Discovery

Some photos from last saturday's trip to Discovery. So it might be a little small, but there are six seals checking Paula out at the south of the islands.

As we rounded the south-eastern tip of Discovery, there was a large sign saying "Welcome to Discovery." Paula gives the international kayak sign language sign for "Yee Haa!"

Rudlin Bay from the ocean. It looks lovely, especially after an hour and a half's paddling. It faces almost due east onto Haro Strait, and gives you a view of hundreds of square kilometres of ocean and the dozens of container ships that pass by.

Paula doing her best "Rocky" impression after landing in Rudlin Bay. She wasn't quite so happy after the tea was only warm rather than hot.
Ah, the ocean. She's so damned........wet! And a lovely view of the Olympics to the south. Well, behind the bank of clouds there is.

Again, hard to tell, but there's a big eagle sitting on the "welcome to Discovery" sign. Of course there is....
The weather was superb and just kept getting better. What a day......

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