Monday, August 21, 2006

Cadboro Bay (2)

So a Sunday evening and bored friends---what to do, what to do? Wait! There's three people and three kayaks! So Marlene, Pebbles and I went out for an evening paddle. Both Pebbles and Marlene are newbies, so we didn't go far or do anything really exciting, but we did meet the woman who tends the Buddha's garden. She was pleased to know that he is visited each time we paddle the bay.
Also got a chance to try towing the skeddadle inflatable with a person in it; not something I'd recommend as a regular thing, but not too bad. A central towing point in line with the centre of the boat would have helped though.
And we got back to shore just as the sun sank behind the hills and the shadows stretched out over the water. A beautiful evening and a lot of fun.

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