Thursday, June 01, 2006

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Elk Lake

Today we went for a rare evening paddle at Elk Lake. Tonight was training, trying out stuff like edging, bracing and rescues while being close to shore. It was a cloudy day with rain threatening.
It was also a chance for me to try out my new paddling jacket from Pacifica Paddlesports (check out their fancy new website).

We thought we would have the lake to ourselves, but there were a couple of other paddle groups out, also using the lake to learn and practice rescue techniques.
After a little paddling around, Louise and Paula headed off for a short jaunt, while Bernie and I continued to learn how not to drown.

Here's Bernie practicing edging. He's using a sculling brace to balance himself.

Here I am leaning over and grabbing the bow of Bernie's boat. This is part of the process of learning how to roll your kayak.
Here's Bernie trying it.

I won the prize for being the first one in the water! Bernie and I performed an assisted rescue.

Bernie goes for his roll attempt. He steels himself, he takes a breath...
Bernie Wet Exit 1
...and over he goes! I thought about moving in to help, but taking pictures is so much more fun!
Bernie Wet Exit 2
He's out, he's up, he's mostly alive!
Bernie Wet Exit 3
Paula moves in for an assisted rescue. Here they are lifting Bernie's boat onto Paula's so they can turn it and drain it.
Bernie Wet Exit 4
Now with their boats stern-to-bow, Bernie is scrambling onto his stern. He will have to swing his legs into his cockpit, scrooch down into his cockpit and spin around.
Bernie Wet Exit 5
He's just about done it. It's Bernie 1, Floating Bloated Corpses 0.
Bernie Wet Exit 6

With the light fading, I try another wet exit, this time doing a solo entry. Here, I'm getting my paddle and paddlefloat ready.

A fun way to spend an evening. We need more practice time at Elk Lake.

My pictures are here.

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