Thursday, June 29, 2006

If It's Thursday Again, It Must Be Elk Lake Again

Another Thursday practice session on Elk Lake. When we arrived, we faced the typical early evening Elk Lake breeze and chop, but once we got in the water the wind died off and the water flattened out. Even the ducks were happy with the change!

Tracy was first in the water (and first in the drink). You can see that it's still a little bumpy on the water.

Louise hit the water next. There were a couple of other kayak groups out (Peter from Pacifica had a paddle group out), as well as lots of swimmers. There were also a few people who had rented paddleboats on the water.

Tracy is either jealous of Louise's Delta and is trying to pull her out of it, or is assisting her in learning how do a roll.

Paula displays excellent form as she gets into her small inflatable-- ow! Paula-- ouch-- stop hitting me, Paula!

Karl and Stephanie head out for a paddle while the rest of us practice not drowning.

Tracy's help obviously paid off as Louise finally mastered a roll! Well, the first part, anyway. Louise tipped and had to do a wet exit. She also performed a self rescue!

In this series of award-winning photographs (2006 Buckeye Newshawk Award), Paula tries tipping then re-entering her kayak.
She found it very buoyant and hard to tip...

... but with a little effort...

... she found herself swimming.

She tipped twice. The first time, I helped her with an assisted rescue, but the second time...

... she scrambled in by herself!

She decided to celebrate by standing on her boat. (Take that, Dennis!)

Yes, even your intrepid reporter took a turn in the drink!

Meanwhile, Stephanie had discovered a new way to either rescue a swimmer or perform a vasectomy at sea.

My photos are here.

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  1. Evil photography man.
    The funniest scenes happen when evil photography man is flipping his own boat. But he was the one with the camera that day.
    I am soooo bringing my camera next time.