Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wiffin Spit!

This morning was bright and sunny, with no wind. A perfect day to check out just how nice Wiffin Spit is for paddling, provided one stays out of the current until ready. I got my little inflatable ready to take on the bus, but Bernie ended up driving me there and taking a walk all along the spit from the parking lot by Sooke Harbour House to the tip where the water rushes around.
He may have seen the whole length of the spit, but I didn't. From the water, it's a bit hard to tell exactly where the narrows is. I went a bit closer to the end than the map at this link shows. I didn't want to find the current suddenly, even if it was expected to be gentle and there is no breeze against it to kick up standing waves.
I took a moment to paddle outside the spit, too, by hopping across the parking lot. A good place for paddling, especially in good weather!

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