Monday, June 22, 2015

Kayaker Rescued Off Denman Island

According to this story from the Victoria Times-Colonist, a kayaker was rescued last Friday evening by the crew of the BC Ferry, the MV Quinitsa. While docked at Denman Island, crew responded quickly to a rescue call. A woman on shore had heard someone calling for help from out on the water, and due to the swift action of the ferry crew, the kayaker was rescued about a mile from the terminal. The paddler and her kayak were taken to the terminal.
While no details were released about the kayaker or the nature of her emegency, she was fine and she picked up her kayak the next day.


  1. Have you heard other news about Kayaker murdering someone... I have heard many news, including a stranded dog in water, a kayaker who broke into someone's house to have bath, a kayaker who died not wearing lease and all... but this one is happy ending news(:

  2. What exactly happened here? the story doesent say much looks like she was screaming in distress but I can figure out why? Am I missing something in the story..

    1. No, you're not missing anything. The nature of the kayaker's distress, other than she was calling for help, has not been released.