Saturday, December 06, 2014

Memory Lane

I've been going on Kayak Yak and taking a paddle along memory lane today. Remember when Bernie camped on D'Arcy Island? That was an epic kayak camping trip in the wooden kayak he built.
And what about the time a seaplane took off beside us as we were paddling round James Island? Talk about feeling like speed bumps...
I still envy Louise's chance to paddle off Rebecca Spit at Quadra Island. It would be terrific to go as a small group to Quadra, to paddle the Main Lakes, and in the bays. If we had a Clam Shoot, maybe we could book Harper Graham's boat to ferry our kayaks up to Octopus Islands park for the day.
At any rate, that's enough memories for now. Hope you enjoy looking at these past posts too!

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