Sunday, November 02, 2014


There are all kinds of neighbours around here. We meet the nicest people when we're out in our kayaks! We are also lucky enough to meet plenty of animal and plant neighbours as we noodle around the shorelines and cross to some of the islands. Now I've been lucky enough to find a website called VictoriaDiving made by another kind of neighbour: one who goes diving along these shores. Sometimes he takes his gear in an inflatable motorboat and goes out to some of the same places we go.
It's interesting to see his perspective on these shoreline places, as he ducks under the water and down far deeper than I though most local divers went on solo dives. Check out his website -- there's a map showing places he's been. You can look on Kayak Yak at posts of places we've been, such as Telegraph Cove, and then go to his website and find posts he's made about the same place.
Neighbours can be grand.

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