Monday, August 18, 2014

Friends in Kananaskis

Our friend Tom Jacklin has just shared some photos of his time paddling on Upper Kananaskis Lake with Tanya White. There's a lot to enjoy in the Kananaskis area and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Alberta: mountains to hike and climb, mountain bike trails, deep snow in winter, some accessible picnicking places, and plenty of paddling opportunities. Look at that skyline!

Tanya took this photo showing Tom and some of the mountains surrounding the lake.

Here's Tanya in the red kayak, with lush second-growth timber behind her, decades after some of the area was logged. Tom took this photo as they were approaching a little island in the lake.

Tom says: "These photos were taken of a spring bubbling up from a small island on the edge of Upper Kananaskis Lake. A HUGE spring, probably the largest I have ever seen. It was bubbling up in an island in the lake 3-4 feet above the lake level!A cold water spring..."

 Looks like a terrific time on the water. Thanks for sharing, Tom and Tanya!

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