Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Kayaks on the BART

A few years ago, we published a local news story here on the blog about BC Transit planning to put kayak racks on the front on their buses.
This year, The Berkleyside reports that a San Francisco transit service is doing BC Transit one better by allowing kayaks on the BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system in San Francisco. Of course, kayakers aren't going to have carte blanche on the BART. Some the rules kayakers will have had to follow include:
-- Kayakers must yield priority seating to seniors and people with disabilities, yield to other passengers, and not block aisles or doors or soil seats. Be particularly careful not to spill seawater or marine life on seats.
-- In case of an evacuation due to tunnel flooding, inform the train operator that you have a kayak on board. You may be asked to paddle for help.
These changes take effect today, April 1.

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