Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kayakers! Plant a Tree!

I love paddling in beautiful parks and waterfront right in the city. There are so many places in and around Victoria, BC where it is possible to find great launch spots. Take a small boat and enjoy green space around the water!
Trees don't just grow on trees, y'know. Er, well. Trees don't just appear out of nowhere, rather. In the city, it takes people to maintain trees, keep them from being cut down, promote sustainable use of parks, and other things that keep our green spaces green, and our paddling spaces enjoyably beautiful
The Tree Appreciation Day here in Saanich (part of Victoria) is being held on November 3, 2013. Go here for a link to the information about one particular way to appreciate trees by volunteering to plant trees and shrubs in parks. Volunteers are asked to help Saanich parks workers plant trees and shrubs that have been grown for these projects. Pick your choice of locations in Whitehead Park, Mt Douglas/PKOLS Park, or Emily Carr Park -- maybe a location near where you go kayaking! At ten am on Nov 3 I'll be planting trees along Douglas Creek, which drains into Cordova Bay.

As Cory Manton said in a press release:
Many benefits and values come from trees including a very specific sense of place, aesthetics, air quality, property value, soil and water conservation and protection of the environment. The planting and preservation of trees is an action that yields long range benefits.
Saanich’s Significant Tree Advisory Committee and Saanich Parks, in cooperation with the Saanich Pulling Together Volunteers, BC Hydro and Pacific Forestry Centre are looking for volunteers in our community to help plant trees and shrubs as detailed below. No experience is necessary.
Time at all locations is 10:00 am – 12:00 Noon.
  • Whitehead Park (Dysart Road) where native trees and shrubs will be planted in an area at the foot of the Dysart Bridge crossing into the park. This area was disturbed by human and dog traffic and is in the process of being restored. Parking is available along the frontage of Meadow Park on Dysart Street.

  • Whitehead Park (Goward Road/Prospect Lake Road) where native trees and shrubs will be planted along Tod Creek in areas under restoration. Parking is available in parking lots on Goward Road or Prospect Lake Road.

  • Mt. Douglas Park where native trees and shrubs will be planted along the recently restored tributaries that feed into Douglas Creek. Planting will take on Douglas trial just before the Weir trail access off Cedar Hill Road. Limited parking is available at Churchill Parking Lot or along Robinwood Road. You can also park at the main parking lot of Mt. Douglas Parkway by Ash Road and walk along Douglas Trail to the planting site.

  • Emily Carr Park (Gabo Creek) where native trees and shrubs will be planted along an area of Gabo Creek running through the park. Please park along Emily Carr Drive at Emily Carr Park. Drinks, snacks and planting tools will be provided. However, if any of the volunteers can bring a shovel and gloves it would be appreciated. Please remember to bring rain gear and boots since we will be planting rain or shine. If members of your group are interested in participating, please advise the total number of participants and at which location. This will allow us to make arrangements for food, etc.

  • If you have any questions please call me at 250-475-5522 or e-mail parks@saanich.ca.
    Sincerely, Cory Manton
    Manager of Urban Forestry, Horticulture and Natural Areas

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