Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A Family Affair

A sunny Tuesday. Well, it's supposed to be. But there's some fog at our launch point at Cadboro Bay.
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We've got a big group on the water today. Louise and I were joined by my sister Brenda who is hosting my great-nephew Michael who is honeymooning here with his new bride Gwylan. Michael is the grandson of my sister Ann who lived back east but passed away last winter, and he and I have never met. We had a great dinner at Brenda's last night trading stories about Ann, although it was kind of weird hearing one of my sisters referred to as "Grandma."
Thanks to Paula, who also joined us on the water today, we were able to get ourselves as well as Brenda, Michael and Gwylan on the water for a nice gentle paddle from Cadboro Bay to Cattle Point. Paula used her Eliza, and lent us her Pamlico and two inflatables, setting a personal record for having four of her kayaks on the water at once.
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I showed off the amazingly scenic Juan de Fuca Strait!
Okay, you'll have to trust me on that.

The fog came and went and came and went, but eventually went. The geese didn't care one way or the other.
IMGP0176 copy

Apart from the geese, we didn't see much in the way of wildlife at first, something we've noticed on other foggy days. Sometimes I think all the animals just sleep in on foggy days. Can't say I blame them.
IMGP0181 copy

Eventually we did see a few seals tanning on a rock...
IMG_1907 copy
...and after a quick crossing to Flower Island...
IMGP0182 copy
...we saw a few more.
IMG_1915 copy
IMG_1910 copy

Awesome day on the water with awesome people -- that's how you spend a Tuesday!

Trip length: 6.20 km
YTD: 41.66 km
More pictures are here.

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