Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 Vancouver Island Outdoor Adventure Expo

Louise and I checked out this weekend's Vancouver Island Outdoor Adventure Expo at the nearby Pearkes Arena. I have to say that we were both a little underwhelmed by the number of exhibitors, and were really disappointed that there were no camping trailers on display this year. A number of mini-trailers were on display last year, but there weren't any this year. There was this....
...a tent designed to look like a 1965 VW camper van. It's the same size as the original van, looks pretty cool, sleeps four, but is a bit pricey.
There were a few things on interest to kayakers. Local kayak manufacturer Lightspeed Kayaks had a booth set up....
...and so did Ocean River Sports.

We also lusted after this set up from Hobie.

Ultimately, the most interesting thing was the photo-booth. I thought having our picture taken in it was a great idea. Louise, not so much.

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