Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve paddle

What a beautiful winter day! Lately, whenever I look at a shaft of sunlight and say that, the wind blows the clouds back together and another squall of rain comes through with gusts of wind to boot. Today, when Bernie and I went out, we did some errands and took a long walk through Mystic Vale. Back at the Beach House, I scrambled into my shortie wetsuit and pulled a little kayak out. Time to get on the water.
It was a great way to finish the year and start the new year. And the first wave as I pushed off shore broke over the bow and my feet and put a gallon of water in the Mini-Tripper. Wa-hoo!
There was nobody else on the water inside the arms of the bay as I went across the shallows and over to the Buddha. Up along the rocks to Stein Island, where the wind was picking up a bit. The SPOT message shows where I lingered for a moment. The only birds I saw today were ducks of various kinds: mallards, buffleheads, mergansers.
Back at the beach I met Jacques just heading out to look for marbled murrelets in his Eliza. (Ooo, but those composite Elizas look even more sporty than my rotomolded one...)
Back to the Beach House. Roasting a local chicken with a medlar jelly glaze. Wine is chilling. Happy new year, one and all.

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