Sunday, October 09, 2011

Pumpkin My Ride

Most kayaks are long and pointy and made from fibreglass or plastic. Some are round and made from plant-based materials that you can toss in your compost after you're done. And number of the latter took part in today's 13th Annual Pumpkin Regatta in Windsor, Nova Scotia. According to the CBC (where the picture is from), today's winner was a local school headmaster who finally tasted victory on his fourth try.
Here's a link to a CBC video report showing how to convert a pumpkin into a kayak (sorry, no embed).


  1. This blog needs a new category! "No boat, no problem" or "Paddle my pumpkin" or "Accept no substitutes" or "How're you gonna keep 'em down on the shore" or "You wouldn't believe it could float" . . .

  2. The CBC video report was great! The Mr Dill they interviewed looks like the son of Howard Dill, the farmer who developed the breed of pumpkins they're using for the regatta. These squashes are called Atlantic Giant, and some of them weigh in at half a ton without setting records!