Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Morning After

So you're a candidate and it's the day after the big election, and now you've got to rid of all those campaign signs. What are you going to do with them all? Phil Green, a former Conservative candidate in Ontario, built a kayak out of his old signs. He told CTV News, "It was very fine construction, cutting wood at very fine angles and so on and so forth ... and my signs were perfect for that.And then I had to make steam-bent ribs going around, and in order to measure the ribs and shape them I used signs, so I actually put those signs to quite good use in the construction of my kayak."
Too bad there's no way to recycle all those broken promises too....

1 comment:

  1. Great use for the plywood signs!
    The signs made of 8 foot by 4 foot sheets of coroplast (corrugated plastic) are also useful for making recreational kayaks, like the one sitting in my porch.
    The littler signs, made of thin plastic slipped over a bent metal wire frame, are not suitable materials for making kayaks, alas. The wire is too "bendy" for making anything but a toy model skin-on-frame kayak. But the little signs are recyclable: plastic goes in with plastic grocery bags in the bin at the grocery store, and the wire goes in your blue box with the food cans. Another use for the wires is to put them in your garden to support mini-greenhouse tunnels of clear plastic film.