Saturday, February 12, 2011

Instant Kayaking

This week I got a couple of weekday paddles in -- always a good feeling. Thursday didn't seem at first like a good day to get on the water. I have a new writing assignment, been waiting for another editor to phone as arranged, and then came a call from Marlene about going to the coffee shop.
In a flash I knew I could still shoehorn a kayak outing into this day. Marlene arranged to come by the Beach house in an hour and a quarter. So I got into my wetsuit and PFD and yanked out my little inflatable from its carry-bag.
Once again, can't say enough praise about the Advanced Elements inflatables. From packed bag to on the water in under ten minutes! That's including the leisurely stroll a couple hundred yards to the beach with the little kayak on my shoulder.
The tide was out and the day was bright for February. I headed out past the little rock garden, startling a heron, to look at Sheep Cove. There was the heron again, fixing the gaze of one beady eye on me and daring me to make him move again. And there were four gamboling river otters, eating something they'd found in the kelp at the cove. It was really their turn to enjoy the cove.
I turned around into the slight breeze, and found my head blowing clear and all my thoughts clean and straight. So much easier to write on days when I've been out in a kayak!
Back onshore, I zig-zagged around various people visiting Gyro Park with kids or dogs or lunch close at hand. They all look so wary when they arrive, and less fussy by the time they leave...
I let about 25% of the air out of the inflatable before stuffing it into the porch and going indoors. Talk about instant kayaking -- one hour total, starting when I stood up from my computer till I was re-dressed in clothes for going to the coffee shop. Another hour in Olive Olio's. And that evening I taught the writing workshop I'm teaching at Oak Bay Rec this winter. Not a bad day overall, especially with the interval on the water.

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