Saturday, October 09, 2010

This 'n' That

No, we didn't suddenly fall off the face of the earth and forget about kayaking. Mind you, we're having trouble remembering what those long and narrow red things are in the basement.
While the weather in September was often conducive to kayaking, it just wasn't so on days when we were available to get out. C'est la vie. But it looks looking like we and the weather may finally get together in a few days.
And we haven't forgotten about the blog either. Behind the scenes, we've been lining up some DVD and book reviews to run over the winter. Look for those to start appearing later in the fall.

Our favourite local kayak store, Ocean River, was recently profiled on a Seattle TV magazine show. Here's the vid:

Ocean River has their own YouTube channel -- check out all their videos here.

And finally, Happy Birthday to the late and great Dr. Winston O'Boogie.
The world misses you.
We surely do.

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