Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Paddle

Any Friday that you can paddle is a good Friday as far as I'm concerned. And today the church of Gaia was open for business.

It was a cloudy morning, but the rain for the day had already fallen. The sun occasionally tried to poke through, but for the most part we faced a solidly cloudy day. But it was calm and the sea was flat.
Today Lila joined us in the red Pamlico. She's only been in a kayak a few times so Louise, Paula and I knew we would be sticking close to shore today. We decided to try a trip down to Cattle Point again, the same route that we abandoned in the wind a few days ago.

It didn't take long until I spotted...
...a heron.
In fact the herons were out in force today. You pretty much couldn't spit without hitting a heron, although spitting at herons is not really recommended.
It seemed like there was a heron hiding behind every rock.

And there were a lot of harlequin ducks out, too.

As we headed back, we encountered a group of four ducks swimming along. They looked they might have been fishing. Here's one diving in front of me.
But when they surfaced, they headed towards Louise and Paula and began squawking and quacking. Their quacks sounded just like they were saying, "Redrum! Redrum! Redrum!" We found that very disconcerting, and gave them a lot of extra room, just in case one of them had an axe.

And after we passed by the sailboats we were home again.

Trip length: 8.47 km
YTD: 32.44
My photos are here.


  1. I was scanning paddling planet and your beautiful great blue heron and harlequin duck photos caught my eye. Nice shots. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Nice shots of the herons - my photos of herons tend to come out grainy since they never let me get that close to them...