Sunday, January 22, 2006

Inner Harbour Paddle Party

It's a new year, so time for another paddle!

We've got a full crew today: Dennis, Alison, Louise, Paula, Bernie and myself. I think it's the first time all six of us have gone out on the water together.
Starting Off

All of us were able to get out because Paula and Bernie have rented a double to try out. (They really need to become a two-boat family.)

Off we go!


I think planes have the right-of-way.

Dennis has moved up to a newer inflatable.

Am I having fun? I think so!

We crossed the harbour and came back along Fisherman's Wharf.


Bernie is risking his marriage by using his paddle to pour water down his wife's back. He claimed innocence, but I know it took him a couple of tries to perfect his technique.
This is a great picture. I wonder if someplace like Wavelength magazine would publish it?
Bernie Gets in Trouble

We approached the Johnson Street Bridge....

...and passed under it. But the mysteries that lie beyond it will have to wait for another paddle!
The Bridge

John's pictures are here.

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