Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Water Table

Sunday was a great day for paddling! We celebrated the Thanksgiving weekend with a number of paddle outings. Friday I went out in the Dragonfly for a while, Saturday was the trip to Portland Island for Louise and John and Richard while I just walked to the beach and thought kayak thoughts then went back to my computer. Monday I did the walk and think thing again. But Sunday, we were on for heading out from Cadboro Bay.
The tide was slowly coming in, and the currents were very mild, just 1 knot or so, and sometimes moving in odd directions. There was almost no breeze at all, and the result was terrific weather. Just cool enough to keep us from overheating, just warm enough not to get chilled.
Richard headed off towards Trial Islands, while Louise and John and I went over to Flower Island and Jemmy Jones on our way to the Chathams. We noodled along Vantreight Island there, so John could photograph some seals, then crossed Plumper Passage to the Chain Islets.
Seals everywhere.
Two eagles posed for us.
One of them was on a small islet /wet rock, just relaxing in the sunshine. He posed for John, and looked regal. When our intrepid photoaddict looked down at his lens to adjust the setting, the eagle quickly raised one clawed foot, picked at his beak, and put his foot back down before John could get the camera aimed again. Priceless.
At Great Chain we hung around, drifting on the slow current while waiting for Richard. He admitted that the current wasn't anything near slack between Trial Island and Harling Point. "It was about a high-pitched cackle on the Bernie laugh-o-meter," in Richard's opinion.
Then over to Mary Tod Island and along the Uplands shore back to Cadboro Bay.
Awesome weather, with the water flat as a table. I know the term water table means something else, but's that what it felt like on Sunday: a water table.

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