Monday, November 05, 2007

32.61 metres in a 2.6 metre boat

Seriously, a trip over Alexandra Falls on Hay River in the NWT in a Nomad 8.5. Check the story out here. The news release is dated 2007-09-21 and the successful completion will be released in an upcoming video. Wow. 107 feet, 8.5 foot boat. Crazy-ass motherfuckers....
And thanks to Richard H for this photo of Alexandra Falls. Kind of puts the whole thing into perspective, you know?

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  1. No, Bernie. You do NOT have permission from your partner to take the ten-foot Pamlico over a waterfall. No matter how proud you are, after being told by Brian Henry of Ocean River Sports that you've probably taken a Pamilco more places than anyone else around here. No waterfall drops.

  2. I'll bring the spatula and the bucket for the people that try to beat that record. When you get a chance have a look at some pics of that waterfall they dove over (Alexandra Falls) when you get a chance it's probably the gnarliest looking bunch of water and rocks you've ever seen. I guess you could do worse.. you could be base jumping with a Wing Suit that stuff is even more off the hook deathwish material. Are extreme sports people just generally getting bored with life or something - perhaps wanting to fall 100 feet in an 8 foot piece of plastic is a serious cry for help?

  3. One of the things that interests me is that the entry into the water was apparently very easy, very soft. Having watched Mythbusters on the myth of the guy who threw his hammer into the water below to help keep him from being hurt, I can only conclude that the thrash of the water makes it possible to fall this far without being pancaked. Though the second guy over getting stuck behind the falls was pretty funny (in a horrorshow kind of way....).