Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another Inflatable...

Yakka: the world's first rigid-hull inflatable kayak. The Yakka gives you the paddling performance of a rigid-hull kayak with the added safety and comfort of an inflatable. Even better, it folds in half and can be easily stowed in a van or SUV. The integrated transport wheel lets you pull the Yakka to the easiest launching spot before unfolding it. Hull is made of a rigid polyethelene. Inflatable top section is made of nylon.
Folded dimensions: 59"L x 27"W.
Unfolded length: 9'4".
Width: 30".
Weight capacity: 264 lbs.
Color: Red/White.

1 comment:

  1. I got to see a Yakka at Paddlefest last year.
    They have a version with camoflage-style colours as well as the red one shown.
    These are very very recreation style kayaks, even more so than the Pamlico 100. Good for quiet sheltered waters, and for fishing.
    This could be a good, easy-to-handle boat for someone with little storage space.
    I don't plan to get one, as my inflatable Dragonfly from covers about the same abilities. Plus it packs into a smaller size and is cheaper!