Friday, May 11, 2007

No paddling here no more

A while back, Karl and Stephanie blogged about their adventures kayaking on
flooded Panama flats. Well, the waters have receded, the blackberry bushes
are gradually returning to their usual thicketness after the punishing
winter they've had, and two green tractors were out planting this evening.
That was a reassuring sight, since a for-sale sign went up on the land over
the winter and with the development-madness on the island I figured that
was it for another clear-space. So I took a couple of photographs, and now
I'm about to test technology and see if, given a wireless connection, I can
send these directly out into "the cloud".


  1. Drat, text came through, image didn't. Checked the documentation - email to Blogger is different from Blogger Mobile in that it doesn't support attachments. Time to see what Flickr does ...

  2. It worked: see