Thursday, December 14, 2006

The New Normal?

So there’s been two more storms this week, both with high winds blowing in from the east–which has meant some amazing waves in Cadboro Bay. It also means that two more boats have torn loose of their moorings and washed up on the beach. One, a 4 metre powerboat is almost directly in front of Sinclair Road. It is thrashed–big chunks broken out of the side and back. The other is a five or six metre sailboat that has washed up a ways down the beach–where the other group of three ended up. I haven’t been down to look at it, but it seems to be in okay shape, and just waiting to be hauled off and re-moored.
But somehow I suspect that this new ferocity and frequency of storms is just the new normal for the Island. The general feeling is that our winters are to become wetter and stormier while the summers become hotter and drier. Last summer we went four months without measurable rain which certainly put a significant dent in our water supply (and Tofino, for various reasons, ran out of water). But according to our Prime Minister and our Environment Minister (Rona Ambrose), there is no reason that Canada should cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

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