Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back in the Paddle Again

And away we go! We're off from Albert Head Lagoon to Witty's Lagoon at high tide where we hopefully will make into the lagoon this time. The last time we tried this, the tide was on the low side and we couldn't make it in. It's Paula, Louise, Alison, Bernie and myself today.
You can tell that winter's coming. It's 9:30 in the morning, but the sun is down low in the sky.
Sunny Day

We paddle past a couple of old gun turrets of WWII vintage.

While everyone else goes around a small island, Paula and I take a shortcut.
The Shortcut

I'm pleased with the result!

We were traveling with a good current going in to Witty's Lagoon. We even did a little mild surfing on the gentle swells.

Alison must be hanging around in too many hip-hop bars. Yo, she got the phat bling. Word.

Right around here, I saw a shark. Okay, so it was a dogfish. But a dogfish is a shark. Isn't it? We were in pretty shallow water and I looked down and HOLY #$%@, there's this four foot-long shark down there. Well, maybe three foot-long. But it was a shark! I swear! The water was so shallow that it looked like we still couldn't get into the lagoon. Bernie spotted a good spot to stop for a break...
IMGP1998 we did.
Witty's Lagoon

Bernie goes looking for my shark.

We didn't see any more sharks, but we did find seals!

While we were playing with the seals, Alison sneaked back to see if she could make it into the lagoon. The tide had come in a bit more and she found a channel that she could paddle up through and get into the lagoon. Unfortunately, there was a dog running around and it was jumping all over her kayak, so she turned around and left. You don't often hear about dogs harassing kayakers, do you?
A Flock of Seals

This guy had an itch that needed scratching.
Itchy Seal
He seemed quite pleased with the results!
Happy Seal 8x10

Call Mulder and Scully -- it's a super secret military base!

Everyone decided to take the shortcut on the way back.

Bernie decided to take an even narrower short cut. Don't worry, he lived to tell the tale.

Who says we don't get fall colours on the we(s)t coast?

My pictures are here.

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