Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rainy Day People

Fall must be here. I can't remember the last time it rained when we went kayaking. But it's Sunday morning and the sky is crying.
We gave up on Plan A, the Witty's Lagoon paddle, as the winds and rain were coming up and quickly came up with Plan B, Thetis Lake. We're going to have to make more Plan Bs as ocean paddles will become more problematic as fall and winter approaches.
Any Day is a Good Day to Paddle!

This means it's time to dig out the rain gear...

...and we're happy to wear it, right Louise? Right? Louise?

And so our fleet was already soggy as we headed out.

Bernie brought a bagel. But did he bring enough bagels for everyone? Nooooo!

Paula led the charge...
... and Alison tested the idea that the faster she paddled, the less rain would hit her.

Under the bridge.
Under the Bridge

Not much wildlife out today. Even the animals had more sense than us.

Bernie did find a rock.
Land, ho!

Time to head in and get dry!

My pictures are here.

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