Monday, February 27, 2006

Plan B

Not many pictures today, folks -- too busy paddling!
Yesterday's plan was to put in at Telegraph Bay, a small cove north of Ten Mile Point. However, a strong north wind was blowing straight into the north-facing cove and chopping up the water, so we decided on Plan B, a return to Cadboro Bay on the south side of Ten Mile Point and hopefully sheltered from the wind.
And at first it was. The sea was fairly flat considering the breeze. We paddled out of the bay and headed south among the rocky shore and small inlets and multi-million-dollar mansions that mark the shoreline. But the wind soon started to whip up the waves and we knew we would be fighting against it on the trip back, so we turned around and headed back.
"I'm a little confused," I shouted to my comrades as the wind whipped my boat and the spray splashed in my face, "why did we decide not to paddle at Telegraph Bay?"

Bernie using Alison's boat as we head out.

Dennis watching the sail boats sail by.

Louise heading out of the bay.

Paula bids a hasty retreat after a panty raid on an ocean-front mansion.

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