Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Kayak Rescue Video

A 33 year-old kayaker was rescued from Lake Michigan by a Coast Guard helicopter over the weekend. Report missing by his brother as the two got caught in rough weather, he spent six hours in the water awaiting rescue. The brother made it to shore, and was able to alert authorities. While it seems that the weather caught them unawares, the brother had a GPS reading of where then rain into trouble he provided to authorities, and the victim had light to signal the rescue copter as the sun was setting when he was finally spotted. The Coast Guard was also able to ping the victim's cell phone to help narrow the search area. And he was wearing his PFD.
Captain Amy Cocanour, commander of Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan, said in a statement, "The fact that the individual was wearing a life jacket absolutely increased his ability to survive the storm and cold water temperatures. Additionally, his brother was able to provide the Coast Guard with GPS locations to reduce our search area, and the individual had a signaling device to get the helicopter's attention. This rescue serves as a reminder that boaters should always be prepared for the worst situation, including checking the weather prior to setting out."

Check out the Coast Guard Rescue video embedded below:

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