Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kayaker Rescue Caught on Video

Here's a kayak rescue caught on video. The North Berwick Lifeboat in Scotland was called into action earlier this week when two kayakers in sit-on-tops found themselves in trouble.
One kayaker ended up in the drink and they became separated, and the other kayaker tried to paddle back to shore towing the empty kayak. Fortunately, people on shore saw they were in trouble and alerted authorities. Both paddlers were rescued and treated for cold.
A spokesman for the North Berwick Lifeboat said, "When you set out to sea it is important to have a way of contacting the coastguard should you get into difficulties, always check the weather forecast and tell someone ashore about your intentions."
The most amazing thing to me is how the responders spotted the swimmer. Watching the video, I didn't see him until they got very close and even then he was just a black dot. Mind you, they've had more practice than me, but it's still impressive.
Check out the embedded video below:

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